Annabee’s Noodle Company

Patch 5.4 is upon us. We are looting chests of treasure, defeating monstrous creatures, and exploring the secrets of the Timeless Isle. The best secret to be found is that of the “Noodle Cart”.


Annabee’s Noodle Company

Halfhill has been a place for the foodies of Azeroth since Mists of Pandaria began. But, if you’re like me, and have high food standards sometimes it’s just better to make things yourself.


“Let’s take a look at what the market has to offer.”


“Noodles are too oily…”


“This soup is dry!”


“This bread has sat out all afternoon!”

The quest line begins on the Timeless Isle under the collapsed bridge. You will need to have completed the first quest from each cooking “way” to be able to see the sign placard and pick up [Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten].

You will head into the Temple of the Jade Serpent first to defeat the Sha of Doubt and learn the “secret ingredient” from a scroll at the end of the instance. After defeating the energies released from reading the scroll, you can head back to Halfhill for your next task.



Stormstout Brewery is the next stop for some brew sloshes. It’s actually quite enjoyable to get back into some of the early Pandaria content.

You will collect some Fatty Turtle Steaks from the Isle (not as bad as Fatty Goat Steak) and then be able to put your noodle making skills to the test in a single player scenario!


Serve meals to the hungry Pandaren to test your noodle making skills!

After completing the scenario, you get to make your first noodle cart and even open a couple daily quests for running your noodle business.


Fishing break to get some ingredients


Grand Opening!

These carts are really fun to make even if you’re a non-raider that just wants to experience new items. There are three cart recipes:

Noodle Cart Kit
Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit
Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit

The higher the stat food provided by the cart, the more ingredients the cart will take. I would suggest making at least the first one for the experience.


Be the hero Halfhill Market deserves with a Spider Splatter Mace

♥ Aune


Perhaps I should have rethought my restaurant site :|a

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