Femtaur Monday #11!

Every Monday I will do a quick post, spotlighting a special Femtaur.  They could be from Lore, friendly Forumers, Tweetaurs, or even from my very own character list :3


The Khadgar Femtaur Family

Today, I will be highlighting:



Miranda’s Warrior, Elamuna at the Pools of Purity in the Valley of the Four Winds


Elamuna and Momonga match!

I know, I know, “But Aune, she’s not a Femtaur!”  But Miranda has contributed to Femtaur family in such a magnificent way.

With her art:


Tamer Elamuna

Miranda joined our guild last year and she’s become part of our family.


Sol Invictus has the best coat of arms

Miranda’s main is a Warrior that loves pet battling.  She is also is a very talented artist.  A graphic design student, Miranda is always amazing me with her Femtaur portraits.


Pretty Annabee


My Priest Delarie!  You may recognize this one from the Open Raid contest!

I have attempted drawing the beamootimous Femtaur in the past but have always been unsuccessful.  I really love Miranda’s style and am so happy we are part of the same WoW family.  Miranda is working on a revamp of her website so make sure to follow her on Twitter for all things WoW art and pet battling!


Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes from “The End of the Affair”

♥ Aune

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JojoJanuary 29th, 2013 at 2:13 pm

I love the artwork – especially the one of your priest 🙂

Cara (@xandara)January 30th, 2013 at 2:28 am

Ooh, I really like those ladycow arts! Gorgeous! The colors are so bright and the eyes and facial expression convey such personality. 😀

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