Femtaur Monday #12!

Every Monday I will do a quick post, spotlighting a special Femtaur.  They could be from Lore, friendly Forumers, Tweetaurs, or even from my very own character list :3


The Khadgar Femtaur Family

Today, I will be highlighting:

Arlon Surehoof


Annabee in her Lunar Festival best visiting Arlon

Arlon is one of the seven ghosts found on the Darkmoon Island.  You may have seen her (and her friends) around the isle without even noticing.  They leave beautiful greenish pixie dust as they walk.


Arlon looking extra sparkly :3

Martha Weller
Franklin Jenner
Kupp Coincare
Brendon Paulson
Sithera Wellspun

But that’s the most you will see of this pretty Femtaur and her ghostly friends.  You see, the only way to see them is to die.  And with a lovely cliff on the Darkmoon Island, this is more than doable.


Dead but ready with her Mourning Glory

After Annabee’s short journey (off a long cliff) to the other side, she headed to the Southeastern woods to visit dear Arlon.


Nice, peaceful run through the Faire


Walking with Arlon

Arlon is such a beautiful Femtaur and I absolutely love that she has stuck with her duty to guard the camp even after her death.  She is a fantastic example of the dedication and honor that the Tauren hold so dear.


Dangerous Woods


Keeping a close watch


Watching always


Death is not the end for Honor

Her story speaks to me and serves to remind that the love and relationships we create are so much bigger than life’s impermanence.

Rest in peace sweet Arlon.  Thank you for watching over the camp.

♥ Aune


Farewell sweet, gentle Tauren

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DanielHudson560February 8th, 2013 at 7:34 am

Wow good to see some one cares about the ghost speicaly poor her. I hope your well. Have a nice weekend I hope your well. Take care.

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