Femtaur Monday #19!

Some Mondays I will do a quick post, spotlighting a special Femtaur.  They could be from Lore, friendly Forumers, Tweetaurs, or even from my very own character list :3


The Khadgar Femtaur Family

Today I will be highlighting:

Greatmother Icemist

Perhaps today’s Femtaur Monday should be called Femtaunka Monday because, despite appearances, Greatmother Icemist is not exactly a Femtaur. She is the wife of the High Chieftain Taunka, Roanauk Icemist. Greatmother Icemist resides in Dragonblight. The Icemist Tauren (the basis for the Taunka) once lived a peaceful life in their capital city of Icemist Village. Unfortunately, Icemist Village was destroyed by the undead Nerubians and is being controlled by the Scourge.

The Taunka have been forced to set up a refugee camp just west of the Village in Westwind.

Emissary Brighthoof leads the refugees and requests the help of you to admit the Taunka into the Horde for the retribution of their people.


You must aid the Emissary before being graced with the Greatmother’s presence.

The Taunka become Horde Allies and are admitted one by one, gearing up for battle against the Scourge.


Femtaunka: For the Horde!


The Taunka run to Agmar’s Hammer to begin preparations for battle

Greatmother comes to Agmar’s Hammer with her tribe members and gives them guidance.



After completing the quest From the Depths of Azjol-Nerub she will ask that you find her son, Banthok Icemist and help to free Roanauk Icemist, the High Chieftain of the Taunka from his chains in Icemist Village.

Greatmother Icemist may not be a Femtaur but she has the strong and kind demeanor that is the very essence of Femtaur. We will retake Icemist, Greatmother. Thanks to you and your family.

♥ Aune


Annabee paying respects to her fallen cousins, the Taunka of Icemist

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KamaliaAugust 13th, 2013 at 2:00 pm

I’ve missed these Femtaur spotlights! I’m glad to see another one — and just when I’m about to start this quest chain on a new alt, how timely! 😀
Plus, clothies can get most (if not all) of Greatmother Icemist’s awesome outfit by questing in Grizzly Hills.

AuneAugust 13th, 2013 at 4:45 pm

Hooray \o/ Just in time!

Great idea about Greatmother Icemist’s outfit! I think I’ll attempt to make that for my Priest. Thank you!

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