Gnomes for a Cure

♥ Pammy

Tonight was the first year I’ve participated in Dravinna, Elvine, and <SeeD> of Scarlet Crusade’s Running of the Gnomes!  I was sitting at my farm waiting on my ticket to fix my stupidity >.< and saw the announcement.  I am so glad that I spent my evening doing this ^.^ It was so much fun and I really enjoyed spending time with my Forum Friends 🙂  I am very impressed with the level of organization that Elvine and Huggywuggles exhibited in creating this event.  Thank you so much!

We all zoned into the starting zone and were promptly invited to the guild <Gnomes Race for a Cure>.  We were even given a lovely tabard :3


We proceeded to run through Dun Morogh:

So Pink!

All the way to Ironforge:

Thank you to our “protectors”!

Such a cute Gnome…

And waited patiently for the tram:

One of these things is not like the others…

Stinky Stink Bombs

Then we ran all the way to Booty Bay for a photo-op:

Just in time for the sunset ♥

We even managed some organization (thanks again Huggy!) and made a little pink Gnome ♥:

We finished off the night chatting over a Goblin corpse:

Gnome Circle!

It was a fabulous experience and I will definitely come again.  Thank you so much team!
I ♥ you Pam.

♥ Aune


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