Make-A-Wish for Adorableness

Step aside friends. There is new adorableness in Azeroth. A new mount and pet are available in the store!

The Alterac Brew-Pup and Enchanted Fey Dragon are here! It’s been a while since the pictures of the dragon were on the internet and it’s finally here. I waited as long as I could but finally could not resist the adorable duo.


Perfect Druid mount in its natural colors.

The mount is so pretty. It leaves dust and sparkles as it flaps its wings and has incredible detail. It even has a fierce roar when you /mountspecial.

The pup is equally adorable. You can click his sides for some Mulled Alterac Brandy and a /helpme will put him on high alert for aid.


“I am being summoned!”

50% of the sales from the pup goes to Make-A-Wish which makes him even better. It is $30.00 for the pair.

I haven’t bought all the Blizzard Store in-game items but I honestly couldn’t resist these two. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of them.

♥ Aune


Dat smile…

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JojoNovember 24th, 2013 at 8:19 am

The Fey Dragons smile is really quite infectious! I haven’t yet used it with my Boomkin but seeing yours on the mount makes me want to – theyre both so big and cuddly 🙂

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